Sunday, April 15, 2012

DIY - twine wrapped love sign and jar

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My sister, Cally, called me last night to tell me she had done a craft. She said she played off an earlier craft I had done, the yarn wrapped letters and yarn wrapped bottles. I had her forward me pictures of what she did and I fell in love! I couldn't help but share.

Below is a picture of her materials. She purchased everything from Hobby Lobby. The flowers were $5.99 (or you could use the burlap flower tutorial), twine for $3.49, and the the "love" sign for $4.99. She originally wanted to use a hot glue gun but couldn't find hers so ended up using super glue. Cally said if she was to redo this craft she would use the hot glue instead.
Just like in the yarn letter wrap tutorial, linked above, Cally started by placing super glue on the letters and slowly wrapping the twine around and around. She told me that there were some tricky parts since the letters were all together and not separate pieces so she had to cut the twine and glue some in to cover up any patches where the brown lettering was showing. She also strategically placed the flowers. :) You can't even tell in this picture below.
After wrapping the letters she embellished the word "love" with white flowers. I just think this is so adorable and can't wait to do one myself!
Here is a picture of the finished "love" sign on her bookshelf in her room.

You could change out the twine colors of this craft, change out the flower colors, use other embellishments. Cally said when she was getting everything for this craft at Hobby Lobby that they also had other sayings like "family" "friends" "live" and "laugh." It would be cute to do more of these to decorate a room or hallway.

When she was finished she grabbed an extra mason jar (that she already had) and used the same steps listed above to create this cute vase/candle/decoration. I think the flowers make it so cute and shabby chic looking! :)

Thanks Cally for sharing!
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

DIY write-on picture frame

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Happy Easter! :)

Tonight I am sharing a craft that I have seen on pinterest and was inspired to make my own. I didn't follow any blog or instructions, as it was easy to figure out how to make this cute write-on picture frame.

Below is a picture of my supplies. I found my frame at Hobby Lobby, and was 50% off. :) I also picked out some scrapbook paper that I would be using on the inside. I chose 3 different papers altogether, you'll see the other two in a minute. The last thing I needed was an expo marker that I picked up at Wal Mart. I chose the skinnier marker since I had a smaller frame and made it easier to write. For an eraser you can just use a tissue, or your finger.

I used the paper insert that was already in the frame to trace a rectangle onto my scrapbook paper. I then cut it out and put the frame back together with the scrapbook paper.

Here is a picture of using the frame to leave a note for my husband. :) We always left notes for each other anyway (he has such a crazy work schedule - mostly works midnight or second shifts). You could do this for other family members or roommates, too.
Here is an example of the second scrapbook paper I chose. I love the different colors on it and matches our decor really well.
In this picture I used the frame as a reminder to myself for in the morning when I might be in a hurry.
Here is the last scrapbook paper I chose.
This is an example of using the write-on frame as upcoming date reminders.
I love this craft because it was very easy, and definitely something I will use. I have a napkin from Vera Bradley that I might put inside the frame, too. :) Elisabeth and I love Vera Bradley. You could change out the scrapbook paper to match the seasons or holidays. You could get different color markers. There is so many different frames to choose from, too. :)

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DIY Glitter Easter Eggs

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Happy Easter!!

Cassie and I got together a few nights ago and wanted to have a themed craft night where we made decorative Easter Eggs. I got all of my supplies from JoAnn's and used a few coupons to get an even lower price.

Supplies I needed:
- Spray Tacky Glue
- Glitter
- Styrofoam Eggs

I started by spraying the entire surface of the styrofoam egg and then placing it onto the paper plate and pouring the glitter onto it. This made the glitter stick better than just rolling the egg into a pile of glitter. After getting one layer on I realized I would need at least another layer to completely cover the egg. Keep in mind this is SUPER messy and glitter got all over the place!! I was wearing it for a few days!

I decided that I would do one of each color I had in my glitter package except for white. I repeated the steps above to apply the second layer of glitter. After applying this one I knew that I would only need one more layer of glitter before I was satisfied.

This craft is especially simple because you repeat the same step three times to get the best coating of glitter. Here you can see how the eggs looked after I applied the third layer of glitter. I absolutely love how they turned out!

I had the idea to put my glitter eggs in this pitcher, but now that they are inside it I know I'll need to make 5 more since I only made 10. I'll have to plan another night of glitter!!

Happy Crafting!!
<3 Elisabeth

Saturday, April 7, 2012

DIY Ribbon Game Day Flip Flops

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Tonight is Opening Night at Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington!! Today I'm sharing my game day ribbon flip flops that I made to wear to Rangers games. They were fun to make, but a little more tedious than the everyday flip flops that I posted earlier this week.

{Texas Craft House} DIY Game Day Flip Flops

Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY Man Bouquet - Great gift!

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My husband is working late tonight and has been all week. I feel like I have hardly seen him! :( I wanted to do something special for him because he had been working so hard. I saw an idea on Pinterest about using tiny liquor bottles to tape onto skewers and placing into a basket. It's called, "The Man's Bouquet." Instead of flowers or roses, they get all of their favorite things. The best part about this gift is that you can personalize it to fit your husband's, dad's, brother's, friend's favorite things.

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DIY Game Day Flip Flops

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Opening Day is this Friday at Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington!!! I wanted to share the fun craft I did with flip flops that I love to wear with my Game Day Dress! I actually made two different pairs and love them both so much. The one's I'm sharing today are my everyday Rangers flip flops be on the look out for the Ribbon Flip Flops I made!
  {Texas Craft House} DIY Game Day Flip Flops

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baseball Cupcakes

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It's only 9 hours until I'll be at Texas Rangers Stadium in Arlington for Opening Day and I am super excited!! The starting pitch won't be until 1:05pm, but parking opens at 8am, which naturally means I'll be out there to tailgate! I made some super cute baseball cupcakes for everyone that will be tailgating with us.

I used funfetti cake mix and vanilla icing. I really wanted the 4th of July funfetti mix to be out so the inside of the cupcakes would be Rangers colors, but it's too soon for that. I also bought red sprinkles and red icing. I found out that using the red sprinkles to make the baseball stitching was a lot more tedious than using icing so I just used the red icing to make my cupcakes look like baseballs.

I really love these cupcakes and plan on making this a tradition for every Opening Day!

Happy Crafting & Play Ball!!
<3 Elisabeth

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY Game Day Dress

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Opening Day in Arlington is in exactly one week!!! I am so excited!! This is literally my favorite day of the year!! In honor of my Texas Rangers starting their season I wanted to share the game day dress I made a few years ago!! I got all of my fabric and supplies from JoAnn's.

{Texas Craft House} Make Your Own Game Day Dress

Sunday, April 1, 2012

DIY Shadowbox Memory Keeper

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Happy April Fool's Day!

My mom, sister and I all got together for a craft afternoon. :) Today, I am sharing my sister's craft. A shadowbox memory keeper! :) Talk about easy, inexpensive and so very cute! She was inspired by a frame she saw on Pinterest where tickets from games and concerts were stuck inside to keep and remember.

We went to Michaels and decided that a shadowbox would work easiest with this idea. This way the tickets could pile up and be easily seen through the glass. She found the one below on clearance for 7$. This shadowbox actually opens from the side, which made a convenient little tiny crack at the very top (where the frame and box meet) perfect to slip her tickets inside. She also liked the cream colored fabric background.

Then, she went to the scrapbooking aisle and found a cute sticker that she wanted to put inside. We decided the top "special little memories" would work best. The picture doesn't show it well, but the "memories" is completely glittered in gold. This would help make it stand out.

When we got home she simply opened the shadowbox, opened the stickers, and placed the sticker inside.

Above is the picture of the finished product. Inside she placed stickers from venues, movies, concerts, sports games, etc. Eventually this will fill up to the top (or just below the sticker).

What a great way to display your memories of important events in your life when you were with family, friends, and loved ones. The color of the frame, fabric background, and sticker really made this look great in her home. You could play around with the look of this by getting different colors, changing the background with other fabrics or scrapbook paper, using more stickers or different kinds.

Thanks for following! Stop by for my creativity, soon! :)
Cassie and Cally (my sister!)