Saturday, August 11, 2012

DIY Cross with Marbles

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Good morning!

I have made many DIY crosses in the past (Stackable Wooden Cross 1 , Stackable Wooden Cross 2) and given them as gifts. This time, I wanted to make one for my husband and I. Have you seen those CUTE wooden crosses covered with different marbles at antique, craft and gift stores? I figured out how to make them and it was fun to make. :)

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  1. Did you get the different sizes of marbles at hobby lobby? Or do you know where I can buy some in bulk?

  2. Yes, I got them at Hobby Lobby. Look in the floral section they have a variety to choose from. I am not sure where you can buy them in bulk... maybe you could try Amazon? I find marbles at thrift stores all the time too. :)

  3. Where can I find the cut out crosses. I would like to make one for my home and personalize with my fathers belongings with his recent passing.

    1. Someone gave a bunch of them to our church. It looks like they came mostly from Hobby Lobby. Your idea sounds so sweet to put your dad's things on it. Great thing to keep his memory alive.