Saturday, January 21, 2012

DIY Yarn wrapped bottles with burlap flowers

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Welcome back,

Ever wonder what to do with all those empty jars? I've got the perfect craft that once again came from pinterest.

Below is a picture of all my materials: hot glue, empty bottles (mine is a spagetti sauce jar, wine bottle and a Starbucks bottle), scissors and yarn.
First I used the hot glue and spread it along the bottom rim and placed the yarn over it. I made sure the bottom layer of yarn was secure so when I started to wrap it wouldn't slip off.

Then I started tightly wrapping the yarn around and around. Every so often I would find that I needed some glue to help keep the yarn in place, especially when I reached the top part where the glass slopes into the 'neck.' If you use the hot glue make sure to use the tip of it to try and spread the glue out in a thin layer (not in a single glob) because it dries quick and the yarn shows any 'glue bumps.'

Some of the jars were a little tricky, like the top part of the yellow jar and the green jar below sloped in towards the middle. If your jars are like this just be patient and let your hot glue help you. :)

I finished off my jars with my DIY burlap flowers that were made earlier today. You could use store bought flowers, or maybe some beads to help add that special touch to your jars. You could even use different textured yarn, or yarn that alternates between different colors. These would also be cute with single flowers coming out from the top. I think these are just adorable and add color and textre to any mantel or shelf.

Check back soon for more updates!

Cassie :)

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