Saturday, February 16, 2013

DIY Valentine's, anniversary, birthday or just because gift

Good morning,

Today I will be sharing a great gift idea that I had found on Pinterest. I used it for my husband on Valentine's Day this year but you could use it for any occasion and any person. I would love to receive a gift like this from my spouse, family member or friend. It's so personal and meaningful and the best part... it's simple! Why spend a fortune on an extravagant gift when sometimes a kind word or two will leave a bigger impression.

I never really went to a website for this... I just saw the pictures and figured out how to do it on my own, as you'll see for yourself below. :)

Here are the materials... a deck of cards (I used the jumbo deck), book rings, a sharpie and a hole punch.

Here are the cards separated by suite and hole punched.

When I put my cards on the book rings I put the heart suite first. :) Since it was Valentine's Day. You could really make the 'book' any way you want though.

Then I used the Joker cards as the front and back covers for my book.

Here is the finished product. I used the sharpie to write "52 reasons why I love you!"

Here are some pictures of my inside cards where I had used the sharpie to write a reason why I loved my husband. This one says, "You are always giving your time to others in need." My husband is a very handy man and will do anything for anyone. If someone calls and asks for a favor he is always saying yes.

This one says, "You cook dinner with me." We always make a point to cook dinner together when our work schedules match up. These are some of my favorite nights and memories as we stand around prepping and cooking and talking about our day (and future).

This one says, "Great attitude even when things don't turn out as planned." My husband does not have very good luck.... if something can go wrong it usually does :) ... he never complains or gets discouraged he just moves onto plan B. 

"You'd rather use gorilla glue than stitches." My husband has cut himself numerous times while playing with a project out in the shop... One time he cut his finger pretty bad and instead of going to the dr. he used gorilla glue. Leave it to my husband. :)

Here is the cover and completed book!

I left it on the counter when I went to work on Valentine's Day and he was sleeping. He told me later that day he loved it so much and loved reading it. He said he looked through it numerous times through out the day. :)

Like I mentioned earlier this could easily be adapted for any person and any occasion. When writing on each card thing of personality characteristics, memories, things you like to do together, anything.... some of my cards were very serious, others had inside jokes, some had memories, some talked about things he liked ... like he random taste in music, how he always wears plaid shorts, and looks cute in aviator sunglasses. :)

Thank you for stopping by. Check back for more creativity soon!

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