Sunday, April 8, 2012

DIY Glitter Easter Eggs

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Happy Easter!!

Cassie and I got together a few nights ago and wanted to have a themed craft night where we made decorative Easter Eggs. I got all of my supplies from JoAnn's and used a few coupons to get an even lower price.

Supplies I needed:
- Spray Tacky Glue
- Glitter
- Styrofoam Eggs

I started by spraying the entire surface of the styrofoam egg and then placing it onto the paper plate and pouring the glitter onto it. This made the glitter stick better than just rolling the egg into a pile of glitter. After getting one layer on I realized I would need at least another layer to completely cover the egg. Keep in mind this is SUPER messy and glitter got all over the place!! I was wearing it for a few days!

I decided that I would do one of each color I had in my glitter package except for white. I repeated the steps above to apply the second layer of glitter. After applying this one I knew that I would only need one more layer of glitter before I was satisfied.

This craft is especially simple because you repeat the same step three times to get the best coating of glitter. Here you can see how the eggs looked after I applied the third layer of glitter. I absolutely love how they turned out!

I had the idea to put my glitter eggs in this pitcher, but now that they are inside it I know I'll need to make 5 more since I only made 10. I'll have to plan another night of glitter!!

Happy Crafting!!
<3 Elisabeth

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