Sunday, April 15, 2012

DIY - twine wrapped love sign and jar

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My sister, Cally, called me last night to tell me she had done a craft. She said she played off an earlier craft I had done, the yarn wrapped letters and yarn wrapped bottles. I had her forward me pictures of what she did and I fell in love! I couldn't help but share.

Below is a picture of her materials. She purchased everything from Hobby Lobby. The flowers were $5.99 (or you could use the burlap flower tutorial), twine for $3.49, and the the "love" sign for $4.99. She originally wanted to use a hot glue gun but couldn't find hers so ended up using super glue. Cally said if she was to redo this craft she would use the hot glue instead.
Just like in the yarn letter wrap tutorial, linked above, Cally started by placing super glue on the letters and slowly wrapping the twine around and around. She told me that there were some tricky parts since the letters were all together and not separate pieces so she had to cut the twine and glue some in to cover up any patches where the brown lettering was showing. She also strategically placed the flowers. :) You can't even tell in this picture below.
After wrapping the letters she embellished the word "love" with white flowers. I just think this is so adorable and can't wait to do one myself!
Here is a picture of the finished "love" sign on her bookshelf in her room.

You could change out the twine colors of this craft, change out the flower colors, use other embellishments. Cally said when she was getting everything for this craft at Hobby Lobby that they also had other sayings like "family" "friends" "live" and "laugh." It would be cute to do more of these to decorate a room or hallway.

When she was finished she grabbed an extra mason jar (that she already had) and used the same steps listed above to create this cute vase/candle/decoration. I think the flowers make it so cute and shabby chic looking! :)

Thanks Cally for sharing!
Thanks for following! Check back for more creativity soon!

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