Saturday, December 15, 2012

Goodwill find - write-on plate with ribbon!

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Last weekend I went to my local Goodwill store and found myself a little treasure! Have you seen those white plates with the cut outs along the border and ribbon at craft stores? I found one at the thrift store!

Here is a picture of the white plate I found for $2.00 and the red velvet Christmas ribbon that I also found at the thrift store for $0.50! This whole craft cost me $2.50... and I've seen these plates for $30+! I was jumping for joy when I came home.
 All you do is string the ribbon through the border...

 I looked for ways to tie bows with velvet ribbon on Youtube and was pretty happy with how my little bow turned out. There is a piece of wire holding the bow together.
Then you get an expo marker and write on the plate. If you want to change the saying just erase with a napkin and start over!

I love these plates because you can change out the ribbon with holidays or just whatever ribbon you like at the craft store. If you have a birthday you could get birthday ribbon and write the name and age of the family member, you could count down the days until Christmas on it, you could put Halloween ribbon on it and make it look spooky... so many ideas! It looks so cute in my kitchen. :)

What great deal have you found at your local thrift store lately?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY Old / Antique Window Sign

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I am so excited to show you my antique window sign. I was feeling so crafty this weekend! I found an old antique window at an antique storefor $10.00. I think it is so cute. It's pretty banged up and has black paint on it around the window part but I think it adds to the character of it. :) Antique/old windows are EVERYWHERE right now. They will be easy to find if you decide you want one, too.
hrase "so fresh and so clean clean" after seeing a similar sign on Pinterest. I thought it would be super cute in my guest bathroom. You can change up the saying or vinyl color to fit what you want.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

DIY Ornament Wreath

{We've moved! Visit us at our new and improved blog at: Texas Craft House}

This was BY FAR the easiest way to make an ornament wreath. I tried making one earlier in the week with glass ornaments and hot glue and let me just say... that was a big, giant nightmare. Make it easy on yourself and stick to the plastic ones and no glue. I used about 70 ornaments to make my wreath. I have about 30 mini ornaments left in my package and I'm thinking about making another with just the small ones.