Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ikea HACK with Prant boxes

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My sister and I both have versions of the Expedit line at Ikea. If you try to find storage containers to fit inside the slots anywhere but Ikea it can be hard so when I saw this on pinterest from JustDawnelle I knew this would be what we would do for our containers!

-Prant boxes
-Sta-flo (wal-mart)
-Plastic container
-Box cutter

 Honestly the hardest part about this entire craft was building the prant boxes! Can you see all of the different hammers an mallets we used? We started out with two boxes to see if we liked the look.

I did exactly as JustDawnelle did and cut the fabric with room to shrink with the Sta-flo which was right next to the starch in Wal-Mart. Then I put a small amount in the plastic container and soaked the fabric,

I made sure the fabric was totally soaked. You can get the Sta-flo on your hands it doesn't do anything to you.

Then I put the Prant boxes in the bathroom on the tile, flattened out the fabric onto the front of the boxes and got out all of the boxes. I left it there for two days just because I couldn't get to them sooner and they hardened up very nicely.

It was extremely easy to cut the fabric especially along the metal edges.

I used a sharp box cutter because I didn't have an Exacto knife on hand and cut everything to the size I wanted. It was really easy to run the blade along the metal edge

Cutting the holes out was a little tedious, but nothing hard. I just went around the hole carefully.

Here they are in my sister's apartment!! Hope you enjoy this craft!!

<3 Elisabeth