Saturday, January 21, 2012

DIY Burlap Flowers with Pearl Beads

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Welcome back,

I hope you are having a great Saturday. I am, especially after making these adorable little burlap flowers. I got the idea from pinterest, specifically from: . In her blog she used normal fabric to create the flowers. I used burlap because I already had it and wanted to finish using it up. These would be even cuter with regular fabric. I even thought about next time using old tshirts that my husband and I don't wear anymore.

Here are my materials: burlap (you could use regular fabric), scissors, pearl beads, and fabri-tac glue.

First I cut a long strip of fabric out. How big or little you want your flower to be depends on the length that you cut. I started with a long strip since it was my first one and I thought it would be easier. I wasn't too worried about cutting it exactly straight because the burlap frayed more that way. In other pictures I saw on pinterest the fray made the little flowers more charming. You could cut it closer to each 'hem' and keep it neat if you prefer it that way.

Then I tied a normal knot at one end of the strip.

After I tied the knot I cut the extra edge off and put a dab of the fabri-tac glue.

Then I started twisting the burlap and winding it around the knot that becomes the middle of the flower. In the blog where I found this tutorial she only used a dab of glue about halfway around each circle, but I had to dab the glue all the way around the flower because the burlap was heavier and thicker.

I glued the last edge to the back of the flower to hide it. Aftewards I used the same glue to connect a cute little pearl bead. Here are three of the flowers I made. After the first flower they were really easy, quick and fun to make.

These would be really cute on the DIY monogram yarn wreath that was made earlier this month. I can't wait to try making these flowers with other fabrics and using other types of beads for the middle part. :)

Check back for more creativity soon!

Cassie :)

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