Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baseball Cupcakes

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It's only 9 hours until I'll be at Texas Rangers Stadium in Arlington for Opening Day and I am super excited!! The starting pitch won't be until 1:05pm, but parking opens at 8am, which naturally means I'll be out there to tailgate! I made some super cute baseball cupcakes for everyone that will be tailgating with us.

I used funfetti cake mix and vanilla icing. I really wanted the 4th of July funfetti mix to be out so the inside of the cupcakes would be Rangers colors, but it's too soon for that. I also bought red sprinkles and red icing. I found out that using the red sprinkles to make the baseball stitching was a lot more tedious than using icing so I just used the red icing to make my cupcakes look like baseballs.

I really love these cupcakes and plan on making this a tradition for every Opening Day!

Happy Crafting & Play Ball!!
<3 Elisabeth

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