Monday, June 18, 2012

T-shirt turned into tank top

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Hi everyone,

My dad recently bought season tickets to some of the Texas Rangers baseball games. My sister, dad and I have gone a couple times now and are having a blast. I was wanting something new to wear to the games without going out and buying something. I had found a tutorial on pinterest and decided to try it. I made it 15 minutes before I was suppose to leave the house for the game and was very pleased with the easy to follow tutorial! All you need is an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors.

First, lay your shirt out on a table. You can use any old t-shirt.
 Using sharp scissors cut off the neck hemline, the sleeves and the bottom hem. The tutorial said to cut the sleeves deeper but I cut them just following the hem and after I made the tank top I was able to cut some pieces and alter it to my liking.
Cut out a scoop neck for the front. Later I ended up cutting a deeper V. Just do what you are comfortable with and you can always cut away and change the look later. If you have any messy, jagged cut lines you can take the time now to fix and clean them up.
Turn the shirt over and cut a deep V in the back. 
Take the bottom hem of the shirt and cut it along the sewn hem. Here is a close up of how I separated it.
Now, take the hem and stretch it out as much as you can. This looks super long here in the picture but I wish I had made it even longer when I was starting to tie the tank top. Make it as long as you can without ripping it. :) Then cut it apart so it's one long line instead of a circle.
Turn your shirt over so you have the back facing you. Pull the sleeves together and tie the long string you stretched out into a knot.
Take the long string and wrap it all the way down the sleeves, pulling a little tight as you go. Tie it on the bottom when you reach the end.
Here is a picture of the tank from the front.
Here is a picture of the tank from the back.
My cut lines are not perfect. I was in a hurry. I feel like you could really play around with this craft and make some cute tanks. You could make that long string go up further on each side of the tank straps over the shoulders. I would have made my neckline a little nicer. I had the scoop neck at first then turned it into a V neck. I also had to cut away a little bit underneath my arms to make it look right. It was easy fixing to do. Like I mentioned, it's easy to play around with it. 

I was thankful to have this for the game on Sunday. It was super hot and I was a little cooler in this compared to the larger shirt. I hope you enjoy!

Here is a link to the blog that I the tutorial from: Her blog is centered around fitness and not only does she have neat crafts link this tank top, but also yummy looking recipes and workout plans. Take a look around, it was fun seeing everything she had! Her tutorial was super easy to follow and did what it promised. She makes these tanks to workout in. What a great idea! Take a minute to look around her blog. :)

Hope you are having a great summer!

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