Saturday, January 21, 2012

DIY Skeleton Key Wall Decor

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Below is a fun thrift store craft. When I was out looking for a frame for the DIY coffee table tray craft I walked by this "live" wall plaque. It was $5.00 and immediately I knew what to do with it. :) My mom just purchased a new home and I wanted to make a wall decor with a skeleton key as a house warming gift.

Here are my materials: wall plaque, skeleton key (found in the iron section of Hobby Lobby), I used metallic cooper spray paint (leftover from the coffee table tray craft mentioned above), and a gold metallic paint I got from Home Depot.
First I spray painted the plaque. I had to do two separate coats. Remember when you are spray painting to spray in lines, not a continuous motion, to help keep the paint from running.

While the plaque was drying outside I painted the skeleton key the gold metallic. I love this key. :)

Then I used the same gold metallic that I used on the key to paint the middle part of the plaque. When it was all dry I spray painted a very faint coat along the inner corners to give the plaque a hazey-faded look. Some of the spray paint dripped during this so I had to go back and paint over it with gold.

Then my husband helped me drill in the key to connect it to the middle part of the plaque.

And there is the after picture! This was really fun because there wasn't any guidelines to follow... You could use any color spray paint, use other iron work for the middle part, stencil in your name or a date, etc. And to think this started with a $5.00 plaque from my local thrift store. :)

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