Sunday, January 22, 2012

DIY Headband Holder

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Today I'm going to share a headband holder that I made for my sister for her birthday. My mom gave me the idea and it was actually pretty easy. First, I asked my sister what kind of color scheme she would like and then I headed to Jo Ann's Fabric Store.
  {Texas Craft House} DIY Headband Holder - Could make this for a daughter, niece, sister, friend or younger girl as a gift. Great way to organize all those headbands too!

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  1. Those little shelves that you have hanging up above do you have better pictures of them? They look like old printing press shelves!

    1. They are printing press drawers! My Mom uses them for her knick knacks and souvenirs that we collect from out trips. I'll take a picture the next time I visit her!