Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY Coffee Table Tray

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Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day! I enjoyed my day off of school (I teach kindergarten) with a fun craft that my husband helped me with. :) Aww!

I found a great craft idea on Pinterest - the pinner used a picture frame and turned it into a decorative serving tray. I knew just the place to find an old frame... the thrift store! I found this one for 4.00!

Then I went to Home Depot and a quick stop to Hobby Lobby to get the rest of my materials. I already had burlap to use to wrap middle part of my frame in. You could use any type of fabric or even scrapbook paper (as the one I saw on Pinterest use). You could even just paint over the picture and maybe stencil some designs if you didn't want to use any fabric or paper. In the picture I forgot to add my hot glue gun that I used to glue the burlap to the back of the frame insert. The frame I bought didn't have glass so I had to purchase that (you really wouldn't HAVE to but if you want to set things on top it would be better protected if you did).
Next, I removed the inner part of the frame (the basket and flower painting) that was really just cardboard and paper. My frame had staples in it that helped keep the cardboard and paper down from behind, so I had to take those out too. Then I took it outside to spray paint it with a cooper metallic color that I thought would compliment the burlap.
While I was waiting for it to dry so I could flip the frame over and paint the other side, I went inside to work on the burlap. I cut the burlap into large rectangles that were about an inch longer than the cardboard on all sides. Then I flipped it over and started gluing the edges to the cardboard (the cardboard I am referring to is what the picture frame had behind the picture of the flowers and baskets).
Then, with the help of my husband I used stencils and black spray paint to stencil our last name and the year we got married. You could stencil designs or quotes instead if you didn't want to use the same idea I did.

After finishing spray painting the frame and the stenciling was dry I dropped the glass into the frame and followed it with the wrapped cardboard fabric. On the two sides I added two drawer handles that I found at Home Depot.

Here is the after picture with some simple decorations and everyday use that the tray may be needed for. Eventually I plan on using a mason jar and filling it with some small fresh flowers from the local grocery store and putting it on here to add some color. All I had tonight were some candles and wine glasses that we were using during our crafting. :)

I hope you enjoyed this craft. It did take quite a bit of time ... we had to wait for the spray paint to dry, and on top of that it was very windy which made it hard to stencil and spray paint outside. I would have done it inside if we had a garage or craft room but we live in a one bedroom apartment. Everything else was really simple, easy, and fun to do. I think this turned out really cute and has a but of rustic charm that made my husband appreciate it also. :)

I hope you enjoyed your holiday. Check back for more creative finds soon!
Cassie :)

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