Saturday, March 24, 2012

DIY Picture Frame with Clip

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Tonight I replicated a craft I saw at local boutique where vendors rent out space to sell their handmade crafts and neat finds. As soon as I saw a photo box with clip I knew I had to make one!

Below is a snapshot of everything I used. A wooden box that I found near the canvas and paint section of Michaels. I also picked out a piece of scrapbook paper, some scrapbook stickers, matching paint and a metal clip (also at Michaels). I also used scissors, a paintbrush, pen, ruler and Mod Podge.

First, I measured out how big I wanted my middle section to be. My wooden box was 8x8 so I drew a 6X6 box in the middle to give me an idea of where my scrapbook paper would go.

Next, I used acrylic brown paint and brushed over the front and sides of the wooden box. I left the middle white to help me line up my scrapbook paper when it came time. :)
While the paint was drying I cut out the scrapbook paper the same size as I drew on the wooden box, 6x6. I choose a 6x6 since most pictures are 4x6's and this way the pictures could be horizontal or vertical when displayed and the cute paper would still be seen.

When the brown paint was dry I used Mod Podge as a glue and sealant and placed it on top. I used my fingers to help get out any air bubbles. You can still see the Mod Podge drying in this next picture.

Then I started placing my scrapbook stickers. When buying the stickers I made sure the scrapbook paper would match. There were LOTS to choose from.

Then I stuck the heart sticker on the clip. I didn't use any glue on the stickers since they game with a sticky back to them.

I used a quick dab of hot glue to place the metal clip at the top of the photo box.

Here is a picture of the finished product without any pictures. I LOVE IT! :)

Here is a picture of the photo box with a picture. I LOVE IT MORE! :) That's my adorable nephew when he was little.

I love this wooden frame because it stands out and looks so personal! The metal clip at the top allows you to change out the pictures at any time. You could do SO many different things with these photo boxes. You can make a family one like I did, or a sports one for a child, a wedding one for a gift, a baby photo box for a shower, the ideas are endless. You could use other embellishments, other than the stickers, that are in the scrapbook section. The one I saw originally had a ribbon bow at the top. I have seen smaller and larger wooden boxes at the craft store. You could make several to go with a theme.

Did you notice my yarn wrapped bottle in the background? :) The instructions are here.

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