Friday, January 20, 2012

DIY Wedding Garter

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Below are some pictures of the wedding garter Elisabeth helped me make for my wedding this summer. Some wedding garters can be so expensive when really there are VERY inexpensive to make on your own. The one I made was about $5.00 and I love it so much.

We went to Joann's craft store and in the ribbon aisle, near the fabrics, we found this lace elastic trim/ribbon. I measured it out on my leg and gave myself a little more to work with before going and having it cut (you buy it by the yard). There were several different trims to choose from (colors, types of lace). If you are making a garter make sure to check if it has elastic, some of the white lace had it and others did not. Then we went to the shirt and fabric paint section and found this beautiful little white flower applique. The picture doesn't show it but there is little white and clear beading only the flowers and pedals.

When we got home we threaded the sewing machine with white thread. I just made a few little line stiches to connect the applique to the trim, and I was done. That was it! No prep, no mess, no fuss. It was super easy!

You could also take this same idea and make baby headbands and use pink applique flowers. If you were making a garter like I did you could also use blue thread to add 'something blue' into it. You could change up the flower color, or use fabric flowers.There were a lot of varieties of colors of the trim as well (maybe a 'naughty' one for a bachelorette party?). There is really a lot of different combinations you could make.
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