Sunday, May 4, 2014

DIY Curtain Rod Wall Decor with Hanging Frames

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{Texas Craft House} Wall Decor Curtain Rods with Hanging Frames

I have to admit that I am the most proud of this refresh that I've done to my living room wall! I used to have floating shelves with my knick knacks on them and wasn't in love with that look anymore. I had a curtain rod left over from our move a few years ago and I didn't toss it thinking I could do something with it. I'd seen an idea of several frames hanging from a rod and wanted to figure out how to do this. I went back and forth considering ideas and shooting them down because of the sheer weight frames would have on the rod. Like I said years passed and this idea had been gnawing at me, so I started googling different strings of words to try to get more inspiration on how to accomplish my idea. I came across and they literally have step-by-step directions for "fake hanging," check out the link to see! What is this you ask? Let me show you!! 

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