Thursday, March 14, 2013

Repurpose a magnetic calendar into a memo board

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Good morning,

My sister, Cally, came over yesterday and we spent the day shopping at antique stores and thrifting in our area. We found some great deals and picked up lots of things to craft with. While at Goodwill Cally found an old, ugly magnetic calendar that was beat up and gray. She had the great idea of turning it into a memo board by covering it in some cute fabric and adding magnets. I am very excited to show you what the end result was!

Here is the original board. It was $3.50 at the thrift store.

While at Hobby Lobby Cally chose some cute fabric. She bought 5/8 a yard worth of fabric but really only 
needed 1/2 a yard. She used her 40% off coupon to get it even cheaper, too!

Then we laid out the fabric and wrapped around the front of the calendar. We taped it to the back first, this way we were able to adjust the fabric and make sure it was straight before gluing it.

Then we used hot glue to secure it to the calendar. We had to trim some of the fabric off the corners to get it tucked and glued tightly. 

 Here is the board wrapped. We ironed it after this point, I suggest ironing it before beginning... we just forgot. :)

Next Cally wanted to make some magnets. Here are our materials: Mod podge, old book pages, foam brush, large marbles, and magnets.

First we traced the marbles onto the book page. Cally tried to find cute words or sayings to trace over.

Then cut out your traced circles. Cut then a little smaller than your line so that the pages aren't sticking out around your marble.

Next, apply Mod Podge to the bottom of your magnet, place the book page circle on the glue, then glue again with a light layer along the bottom. The glue looks white but it dries clear so no worries!

When the glue has dried apply a hot clue to the book page marble and attach the magnet.

Here are the finished magnets. We used the same old book used in the post about painting on old book pages. :) Glad I found this book for $1.50 it has come in handy!

And here is the completed project! It turned out so nice!

And the before and after. WOW!

We see these old magnet calendars at thrift stores and Goodwill all the time. We also see cork boards which be a cute similar project. You could change up the fabric and play around with the magnets by using different scrapbook pages. 

Have you repurposed an used items recently?

Check back for more creativity soon!

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