Friday, March 15, 2013

DIY Easter Wreath

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Happy Friday,

As you know I have been obsessed with wreaths lately. I loved my St. Patrick's Day Wreath I did not too long ago but it's already time to put up an Easter one.

I purchased a twig wreath at Hobby Lobby for $4.99 and used a 40% off coupon via their store app.

 I also used Spanish moss. I had PLENTY moss left over from my moss ball craft so I didn't have to buy any.

I bought a pack of Easter eggs. They had lots of colors and sizes to choose from. At Hobby Lobby all of the Easter crafts were 50% off. :) This bag was only .50!

To start, squeeze hot glue onto the wreath in small sections.

 Then top with moss. I had to use scissors to cut apart sections of moss so it was easier to work with. 

I just went around the front, I didn't worry about covering the back.

Then I cut twine into 3 strips.

 And hot glued the tips to the top of the eggs. Make sure these are completely dry before working with them.

Next I hot glued the strings, at different lengths, to the back of the wreath. If I had any extra string hanging off I just cut it. Again, make sure it is completely dry before moving the wreath around.

Then I had some extra burlap ribbon. It was really wide so I cut it in half.

Then I tied it into a bow. I used the same method as tying a shoe. :)

 And here is the finished wreath!

I like that it is really simple.

Here is another variation.

I love it!

You could add more eggs to the middle, of different sizes, too. Or you could change up the color of the bow by getting a different ribbon. I thought about wrapping more burlap along the outside of the wreath, too. Lots of different ways you could play with this wreath or add to it. :)

I hope you enjoyed!

Check back for more creativity soon,

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