Monday, March 12, 2012

New mom gift

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Rise and shine!

Yesterday my husband and I went to visit his sister (Brandi) who just had a baby girl, Sophia Grace. Sophia is so adorable and little! Before we went to see Brandi, we spent the day cooking to bring her a homemade meal that Brandi, and her husband and son (Taylor) could enjoy.

I searched on pintereste for new mom ideas and I found this blog: Dwell on Joy. This blog has all kinds of sewing and craft projects, yummy recipes, photography and so much more! :) I found the new mom gift idea on the blog here. The owner made these recipes on her own and they were very easy to follow.

Below is a picture of the finished product.

First I made the roasted corn and potato chowder soup that has fresh thyme in it (very simple!). This will help fill and warm everyone in Brandi's family.

Of course, if you have soup you need some bread to go with it. :) As the blog suggested I purchased frozen rolls and placed them in tupperware with the cooking directions cut off.

Brandi will feel unbalanced and need some fruit to go with it. I used fresh green grapes, blueberries and strawberries. You could you anything you want here. I think this was my sister-in-laws favorite part.

Then, the fruit will make her think of dessert so we gave her (according to the blog THE BEST muffins ever! :D) Caramel-Banana-Pecan muffins.

I stored the food in new tupperware for her to keep and topped them with two gifts, a little onsie for Sophia and a dirt bike toy for Taylor (for being a new big brother).

Top if with a congratulations card to help finish the gift. :)

I also finally gave her the pink tutu that I made last month. The tutorial is here. It is homemade, inexpensive and easy to make.
I hope you enjoyed this new mom gift. You could also alter it for mommy-to-be's. Don't forget to visit the blog that inspired me, she made it really easy to follow. :) My husband and I really enjoyed putting this together for Brandi. She was really appreciative of us bringing it over. Taylor, her son, was very happy about the fruit the fruit and Brandi's husband said the muffins, 'really are amazing!' :)

Have a great spring break!
Check back soon,
Cassie :)


  1. It made my day to see some traffic from your site and your Feeding New Mom's reference! Your gift looks great! Thanks for making and sharing with your readers - it means a lot to me :)

  2. Hi Sarah! :) Thank YOU for the idea! My sister in law loved it and your recipes were SO easy to follow (not to mention yummy)! I hope to make more of your recipes again soon!

  3. Thanks for posting,this helped me decide what to do for a new mom in our family.