Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DIY Thumb Print Tree Wedding Guest Book

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Crafting with Cassie is always fun, but what was especially fantastic during this project were her words of encouragement which helped me paint the thumb print tree for my At Home Reception. From the first day my husband and I started planning our wedding I knew that I did not want a traditional guest book and so I started looking around on Etsy where I found the idea of the thumb print tree. Check out our new blog to see how I made my own thumb print tree!

{Texas Craft House} Wedding Guest Book Thumb Print Tree

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  1. Hi. I am Karen from and that's my tree! I am flattered and thrilled to see you using it for inspiration. Great work! I will tell you my secrets to nice writing (mine is horrible). I print the font I want on white printer paper and then color the back with pencil. I then trace the lettering onto my watercolor paper and when i remove the printer paper i can see the pencil outline. I then go over it with my black pen. Easy Peasy!

    1. Thank you so much, Karen!! I had a lot of fun making this and really can't wait for my guests to see it in August. I appreciate the tip about how you get your beautiful font on your tree! I'll have to test it out some time!