Monday, January 9, 2012

Monogram wine cork corkboard

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I made this craft for my mom and found the idea on pinterest. I collected wine corks and got several people to collect corks for me as well. All I had to buy was the frame and the gorilla glue. The 'S' was made by the corks standing up and the rest of the board had the corks lying on their side. I started by cutting several corks in half so that I would have an even amount of red tips and plain tips to make an 'S' that would stand out. I created an 'S' in the shape I loved and immediately glued that down in the center of the frame.

Once I glued the 'S' down I began fitting in the corks on their sides like a puzzle. I glued one row at a time and as soon as I pieced together the row I glued.

I realized that even though I had an overwhelming amount of corks I needed even more to finish the project. Make sure you have at least 130 corks just in case you make a mistake.

I used the monogram for my mom's first name, but you can use your last name too!!

<3 Elisabeth


  1. What is the size of the frame you used? I love this craft and S is our letter! Thanks :)

    1. 12" x 30" my mom picked the space she wanted it in and I found a frame to fit that size. You can create this with any size frame depending on where you want to put it. Just change the size of the letter and use more cork around the letter.