Friday, June 13, 2014

DIY Money Lei

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In the spirit of graduation I wanted to share this money lei I made for my hubby's cousin. I wasn't sure what to get him, but thought a gift card just wasn't enough. I found this money lei idea on Pinterest and used the directions from here only with less bills and papers.

$20 in ones
White computer paper (20 cut to bill size)
Glue dots
Hot glue gun
The concept behind making the pinwheels is super easy, just a little bit tedious. I followed the step by step instructions from the site and enlisted the help of a few people to fold the bills while I glued. The white pinwheels turned out great and were very sturdy with the hot glue, the bills however did not want to stay together with the glue dots, I'm not sure what medium would have been better to keep it all together. I still love how it turned out and just how happy the grad is with his lei!
Happy Crafting!!
<3 Elisabeth

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