Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Easy red poinsettia wreath

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Good morning!

I was looking around on pinterest for Christmas mantel ideas and I kept seeing that everyone would put wreath's above their fireplace. Most of them had it attached to a mirror. I already had a mirror and thought I would add a wreath. I decided immediately that I wanted a bold red wreath... what better to do then a poinsettia one?

I started with a basic wreath form. Mine is 18 inches. I used the twig one with the dried leaves (watch out it crumbles everywhere and can make a mess :) ). I also bought 3 bunches of poinsettia flowers, which were 50% off. On each flower bunch was about 10 flowers. I also grabbed my hot glue gun but actually didn't even end up using it.

Start by cutting off all of the flowers.

Then just start poking them right into the wreath. The twigs in my wreath were pretty tight and my poinsettias stayed in place so I didn't use the hot glue gun. I figured that would be fine since this was going to be an inside wreath.

That's it!

I used a command clip to attach it to my mirror.

I love the pop of red!

I'm not quite finished with my mantel yet. I am working on homemade stocking holders (post to come soon!) to add. :) Have I mentioned I LOVE Christmas crafts?

Like the green burlap trees? Here is my post from earlier in the week with the tutorial - DIY Christmas tree craft.

Check back for more creativity soon!

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