Monday, February 6, 2012

DIY Tool Belt

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Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

While watching the Super Bowl I decided it was finally time to complete my tool belt that I'd been thinking about for quite come time now. I went to Home Depot and got this apron for only $0.77 and believe it or not that's all I spent on this project!

I used my sewing machine which is the machine I use for all of my sewing crafts the Brother CE-4000.

I went through my scrap fabric and I chose these two fabrics because I loved the way they looked together, I got them both from JoAnn's a few years ago. I also used red thread so it would pop against the fabric.

I cut enough fabric so that I would not have to sew the bottom seam of the apron. I pinned the blue fabric along the sides of the apron and made sure that the fabric lined up on both sides of the apron. I made sure not to pin the pockets closed. I did a 1/4" turn hem on the two sides and along the top that runs along the top of the pockets.

I hadn't planned on covering the back of the apron when I first started thinking of this project, but I ended up having enough fabric to do so. After pinning the blue fabric, I pinned the yellow fabric to the back of the apron like pictured below with a 1/4" turn hem.

And then I flipped the apron back over to the front and pinned as far into the pockets as I could. This is when the project get a lot harder than I had planned for.

I realized I would have to sew along each pocket by fitting each pocket onto the base of my sewing machine so that I would not sew the pockets shut. The hardest part was feeding the pockets through to complete the stitch because it was circular and the apron has two separate pockets rather than one big pocket. Because of this I was unable to get a solid stitch from one side to the other.
When it came time to sew the yellow fabric I stitched as close to the pocket as I could so the seam would be covered as much as possible. When I was done I tried it on and used my sewing scissors as a tool for my new tool belt!

Now I'm ready to decorate our new house!


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